About Us

About Us

Hammer Home the Glucose® is a non-governmental body/agency that is located in Owerri, Imo State, Southeastern Nigeria. The agency is into free screening of diabetes and blood pressure especially people in remote areas where access to medical care is very limited.

Hammer Home the Glucose® has been into this for over five (5) years now and has visited many villages, market places, towns and communities etc, to carry out its activities. Many lives have been touched in the process, especially people that cannot afford to purchase insulin.

Hammer Home the Glucose® is founded and headed by Joakin C. Nwaokoro, a well trained and Certified Diabetes Educator, who has worked in Malta, New York, Canada and London England. He has also studied and obtained many degrees in different areas of discipline. In addition, Hammer Home the Glucose® has some health professionals and other well educated Nigerians who are highly spirited that are part of the Agency. These persons serve as volunteers in different areas such as dieticians, nurses, educators, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, and still expecting more concerned professionals to be involved.

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