“Life is not kind” says one of my clients with diabetic foot. A life without legs is a useless life, he continued. I have six children  and the eldest of them is still in primary school, he asked me how would they cope if his legs were amputated. The story continues, he said, he was not sick of anything until the wound he had on his legs refused to heal after a long treatment.

One day the clinic he was attending, the nurse asked him if he had diabetes. He said no. On a second thought, the nurse told him to seek for medical help in another clinic but advised him to ask the new clinic to check his blood glucose since the present clinic did not have a glucometer. When he arrived in this new clinic, he asked if the clinic had glucometer to check his blood glucose, but unfortunately, the clinic did not have glucometer and

he was referred to hospital where the nurse felt he could get the blood glucose checked. It was in this new hospital that a test was done for blood sugar for the first time and his blood glucose was 399mg/dl fasting level. The doctor initiated him on oral tablets because there was no insulin. He tested insulin for the first time when he came in contact with “Hammer Home The Glucose”.

The die is cast. We have put our heads on the frontline to give people with diabetes another look. At best, let them know how to take care of their health. Before we arrived in the scene, I had the opportunity to ask most of these our clients with diabetic foot why they ended up with these complications. Their stories were different but the same, “Lack of diabetes education”. Some of them said that they had diabetes many years but did not realise they have it until they went to hospital for one condition and the doctor would ask them few questions before confirming they had diabetes. Most clinics and hospitals do not have glucometers to confirm their suspicion, let alone A1C test. It is only when the clinical signs and symptoms of diabetes become apparent that the doctor or healthcare professional would ask if they had diabetes or if any member of their family has diabetes.

It is regrettable at this 21st century, that most  Nigerians have not been able to know and understand the meaning of diabetes. There is no concrete awareness or machineries to create this awareness for people with diabetes to rely on. A lot of my clients are blind as result of diabetes. I deliberately did not want to display their pictures on the web because of their privacy. The same way we have a lot of diabetic foot is the same way a lot of them have kidney failures. The disheartening aspect of it all, is that those who ended up with kidney problem ended up dying within months due to financial constraints and lack of access to hospitals who do dialysis. Even where the access is and people have the money to dialyse, it is still not a giving because people can wait for weeks before their turn for dialysis because we have about four hospitals in the whole Nigeria who do dialysis. The challenge is enormous and the situation is diverse. I cannot exhaust the real picture in these pages.

Now is the time to ACT. Shall we continue to watch and pretend all is well? Can we be our brothers’ keeper? Most of us are blessed richly that this is a time to start giving back. We can rewrite the life of many people with this condition if you send us. Please send us and save a life.

My NGO “Hammer Home The Glucose” has pledge her loyalty to serve these group of people as long as life endures at least to take care of their health through educating them on how to manage themselves, helping them to help themselves. Let us bring GOD in the Fore and know that these are human beings who deserve to live a fulfilling healthy life. At least, help them prolong their lives, help them keep their legs, help them keep their eyes etc. Please help them and give them another hope. Remember any donation you make for the sake of these ones, “you will not lose your reward”  Matthew 10:42.

In the light of this, let us be our brothers’ keepers. The joy of giving surpasses everything you can think or imagine. Together we will give them a new hope, a new life.


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