According to Calpurnia, Julius Caesar’s wife, she said “When beggars die there are no comets seen but heavens themselves blaze forth for the death of princes”. Almost all the children here have type 1 diabetes requiring insulin to live. As a Nigerian, you know how frustrating buying insulin could be to an average family. The cost of insulin is not cheap and maintaining a good glycaemic control is more challenging. In one of our outreaches, we had the pleasure to meet this boy who was  adding water to his insulin to prevent it from finishing fast. Because he was not sure whether his parents would buy him another one if the present insulin finishes.

  But I reassured him, that by the help of IFL USA and IFL Australia, I will continue to give him insulin free. One astounding and heart wrecking  encounter we had was this man who have six children and one of the children had type 1 diabetes. Few days earlier, the father who was a palm wine tapper had decided that he had no money to continue purchasing insulin for this boy.  Luckily for this boy,  this happened about two days before we arrived in that village,  the father told the seven years old boy that he would not provide money anymore to buy him insulin because the cost was impacting on the maintenance of the other children.

 He complained, he needs money to feed them, clothe and send them to school. When we arrived, a woman whispered to me that there was a boy in urgent need of insulin.  For two days, this boy had not injected insulin and he needs insulin to live. The whole family was waiting for him to die. The man went ahead to describe the boy as “Ogbanje”, somebody who is possessed with evil spirit. He maintained that if the boy wants to leave, he would live without insulin. With the help of IFL USA  insulin donations, the rest of the story is history. I have adopted the boy though still living with his parents. But I promised to be supplying him insulin as long as he lives. The stories are endless. That is why Hammer Home The Glucose is asking you to send us. Send us to save these precious lives, and to give them a new hope. Send us because these children deserve to live a normal life. They did not commit any sin or crime to be in this situation. Send us because these children have great minds and one of these children in this picture could be the president of Nigeria, or senator, pilots or even a king etc but we need to save their lives through your kind and cheerful giving, save their lives from complications of diabetes and eventual death. This is the time and it demands the urgency of now. It is due to this heaviness of heart that I am asking you to give to maintain a steady supply of the things they need, educate more people in the field of diabetes and subdue the challenges.
These challenges  include but not limited to

  • Rising disease burden 
  • Inadequate preventive strategies
  • Lack of education to the people living with diabetes & their families
  • Myths
  • Inadequate skilled health personnel
  • Inadequate health-care infrastructure and disproportionate distribution of the facilities
  • Absence of diabetes clinics.
  • Poor funding of diabetes research
  • Role of media
  • Absence of funding for diabetes education activities
  • Lack of adequate training and retraining of health care providers
  • High cost of diabetes medicines and treatment
  • Differing government priorities
  • Lack of political will

 However, Hammer Home the Glucose can help them to feel positive about the benefits and value of health-enhancing behaviour and changing their behaviour to all of them especially those who cannot maintain a good glycaemia.

  • Help them recognize how their social contexts and relationships may affect their behaviour.
  • Help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight by helping them choose the right food

          - eat fibre-rich foods such as oats, beans, peas, lentils, grains, seeds, fruit, vegetables
            wholegrain bread and brown rice and pasta
         - eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day, in place of foods higher in fat and calories
         - adopt a low-fat diet
       - a make activities they enjoy, such as walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics and gardening healthy choice and  avoid
         increasing fat or calorie intake.


  • Encourage local retailers to use incentives  to promote healthier food and drink options. The aim should be to make the healthier choice the easiest and relatively cheaper choice.
  • To achieve general health benefits, each person must accumulate at least 30 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity on 5 or more days of the week.
  • Use community resources to improve awareness of, and increase access to, interventions. For example, they involve community organisations and leaders early on in the developmentstage, use media, plan events or make use of festivals specific to the  groups.
  • Identify and address barriers to participation. This includes developing communication strategies that are sensitive to the target audience and information requirements.

    It will be effective to train lay and peer workers on how to plan, design and deliver community-based health promotion activities. Example, using conversation map.

All these things and many more if they are implemented effectively would reduce the complications  and death arising from diabetes.

Nwaokoro Joakin Chidozie
President and Founder of Hammer Home the Glucose




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