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“Life is not kind” says one of my clients with diabetic foot. A life without legs is a useless life, he continued. I have six children  and the eldest of them is still in primary school, he asked me how would they cope if his legs were amputated. The story continues, he said, he was not sick of anything until the wound he had on his legs refused to heal after a long treatment.

One day the clinic he was attending, the nurse asked him if he had diabetes. He said no. On a second thought, the nurse told him to seek for medical help in another clinic but advised him to ask the new clinic to check his blood glucose since the present clinic did not have a glucometer. When he arrived in this new clinic, he asked if the clinic had glucometer to check his blood glucose, but unfortunately, the clinic did not have glucometer and

he was referred to hospital where the nurse felt he could get the blood glucose checked. It was in this new hospital that a test was done for blood sugar for the first time and his blood glucose was 399mg/dl fasting level. The doctor initiated him on oral tablets because there was no insulin. He tested insulin for the first time when he came in contact with “Hammer Home The Glucose”.




There is no love that is greater than this. Recently, your Foundation sponsored Diabetes Association of Nigeria in an elaborate way in Abuja and vehemently encourage us to continue in this fight for diabetes. I am assured that since you are leading this fight on diabetes in Nigeria and even beyond, Nigerians with diabetes will take a new breath.

That being said, I wish that as time goes on, you will discover NGO like mine who is equally involved in providing succour to Nigerians with diabetes through the donation of insulin and other consumables. It is a registered non- governmental, non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to go to rural areas of Nigeria where access to clinics and hospitals are limited/remote. Screen people for diabetes and attain to people who are already diagnosed with diabetes and blood pressure with a view to treating and managing them ... Read more >>>

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