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 Our Team of Staff and Volunteers
 Nwaokoro, Joakin Chidozie
President and Founder
   Chukwuma, C. Michael
(B.Tech, M.Sc, GCHSE, CMNIM)
Project Coordinator

Alison Ede

Assistant Project Coordinator

 Nwaokoro, Amaka
 General Secretary
  Lilian Njiriebeako
 Assistant Secretary

 Mrs Martha Nkechinyere Nwangwa
(Spiritual Adviser)



IJeoma Okereke

    Uchendu, U. Ornella
Publicity Secretary

 Mrs. Angela Nwaiwu

Head, Nursing Group


 Dr. R. N. Oputa

Consultant Endocrinologist


Mrs. Henrietta Uzoagba


Dr. Sunny Chinyere

Consultant Endocrinologist


Dr. Mrs. Eunice Nwoke

(B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D)
Welfare Officer


Program Updates & News!


    The insulin you can see were donated to Katsina state Diabetes Association by the president and founder of Hammer Home the Glucose, Dr J. C Nwaokoro. This was done to encourage Katsina State Diabetes Association in treating young children with Type 1 diabetes. This donation was applauded by the president of Diabetes Association of Nigeria, Dr Mohammed Alkali. The president of Hammer Home the Glucose has vowed to continue to render assistance to these numerous children in Katsina state with Type 1 Diabetes.

    We cannot forget to mention the source of the insulin and the organization that is making it possible for us. It is supplied to us by Insulin for Life, U.S.A.

    Signed: Dr J. C Nwaokoro

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    “Life is not kind” says one of my clients with diabetic foot. A life without legs is a useless life, he continued. I have six children  and the eldest of them is still in primary school, he asked me how would they cope if his legs were amputated. The story continues, he said, he was not sick of anything until the wound he had on his legs refused to heal after a long treatment.

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    Now is the time for all Nigerians at home and in diaspora to support and emulate this move initiated by President Olusegun Obasanjo. This is the first of its kind to see a past Nigerian president come up with this novel idea of giving back to the people he served. Baba may GOD continue to bless you, you are a pacesetter and those of us who are involved with service to humanity will continue to support and lend helping hands to this call.

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    According to Calpurnia, Julius Caesar’s wife, she said “When beggars die there are no comets seen but heavens themselves blaze forth for the death of princes”. Almost all the children here have type 1 diabetes requiring insulin to live. As a Nigerian, you know how frustrating buying insulin could be to an average family. The cost of insulin is not cheap and maintaining a good glycaemic control is more challenging. In one of our outreaches, we had the pleasure to meet this boy who was  adding water to his insulin to prevent it from finishing fast. Because he was not sure whether his parents would buy him another one if the present insulin finishes.

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